Access your Transforming Autism Workshop 2.0 VIP Package now!


Access your Transforming Autism Workshop 2.0 VIP Package now!

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Luminara Serdar
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Then learn about working at the FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL of the Body to Shift Challenging Behaviors for Good


We have found that...

  • Using a protocol that works at the Foundational Level of the body creates changes from within, making lasting changes in outward behaviors
  • The body is loaded with waste and stressors that prevent it from functioning well.
  • Detoxification is most effective when done in the right order, the right way.
  • Detoxification, done right, improves body and brain function, leading to positive shifts in behavior.
  • Do you want to see changes like other parents are seeing -- improved awareness, speech, social interaction, better focus, and more?

If so… join us in the Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program.

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He's very happy in the mornings, waking up and excited and happy to go to school everyday. He smiles getting off his school bus and greets me with a hug and kiss; he is always very excited to see me and in a great mood. This is a big gain, as he was always very moody after school. He also recognizes traffic lights - understands red is stop and wait, and green is go - and patiently waits and anticipates it. ”

Patrick, 11-yr old boy, Ireland

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He is social and interested in people, eye contact has been the best, improved in the past few months; the teachers at school see it. He is playing with little brother more, is more tolerant, tells him things. In general he looks more mature in behavior, very normal.”

Steven, 6-yr old boy, California

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He continues to get good reports from school. They noticed an improvement in his joint attention and started to see him mimicking behavior. He does seem like he has been making more sounds and has been trying to get our attention when he wants something or to sign for more food which is new. Overall he is calmer with less bad days and less meltdowns/tantrums. He is doing lots of puzzles, solving more problems, and spending a lot more time out with the family rather than in his room all the time. ”

David, 4-yr old boy, Oregon

Autism Transformed, LLC

“After doing the massage you recommended he went from pooping once per day to 3-4 times per day, starting with first thing when he wakes up. The dark circles under his eyes are faint now, he's more energetic and happier!”

Justin, 2-yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“From years of chronic constipation to: Going up to 2x per day to the restroom most days of the week.”

Ray, 10 - yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“Her teacher said she is doing really well. The reading teacher says she has been really focused the last 3 weeks in her "Wired for Reading" program for dyslexia - it's clicking for R; she is getting it and is moving forward vs doing a lot of review, like she was before.”

Rosie, 13 - yr old girl

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