What you’ll discover:

The Underlying Causes that add
up to what doctors label
as “Autism Spectrum Disorder”

How you can help the brain
by focusing on the gut

How a simple action can shift anger,
meltdowns, tantrums, anxiety

The One KEY insight pediatricians
are missing 
(because they aren’t taught
this in med school)

Diet shifts for picky eaters that get
more nutrients into them

Why speech therapy takes speech only so far and how to get more speech

Simple changes that help with
focus and attention

How a child can come out of his
own world, play with siblings
and join the family

How to reduce anxiety and fears
and increase interactions

The most effective way to get a lethargic
child moving and a hyper one calm

"I was told there was there was nothing we could do to help the autism, and we would just have to accept a lifetime of coping: therapy and medication; eventually, put him in an institution. We were left with no hope. But I knew in my gut something could be done."

Autism Transformed, LLC
Jennifer - Parent of a 6-yr-old boy

“My son is doing well.  When I came upon your program earlier this year, he was undergoing a neuropsychological evaluation, as he struggled so much with hyperactivity, inability to focus, mood swings, uncontrollable episodes of anger, and even some depression.  His mood and his behavior are so much better and he is a happier child overall since starting the Autism Recovery Plan.  He is not having the challenges that he had before.  In fact, when he returned to school last April, he did amazingly well for the remainder of the school year, and without needing his prescribed Ritalin at all.”

Parent of a 6-yr-old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC
Stephanie - Parent of a 7-yr-old boy

“From shy, uninvolved, anxious boy to this teacher’s report: “Liam has transitioned well into the classroom. He is always attentive and participates in all of our lessons. I have noticed that he has been making friends and has even initiated social situations with his peers. We have a daily greeting that we do and it is nice seeing Liam start to feel comfortable with his friends.”

Parent of a 7-yr-old boy


Hi, I'm Luminara Serdar.

Scientist, Nutritionist, Autism Transformation Expert

And over the last 10+ years I've helped children and families, just like yours, make steady and consistent improvements in their children's behaviors and symptoms we call Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Join me for this FREE Workshop where I'll tell you WHY THERE IS HOPE, how you can start resolving the most challenging behaviors - and start to see steady improvements in as little as 2 weeks.

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Workshop Topics

Make sure to watch them all. Each session has its own topics, discussion points and tips.

Luminara Serdar

5 Autism Myths Busted – The Real Causes of Autism

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  • It’s genetic
  • The only help available is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • What your child eats has nothing to do with autism
  • Any alternative to the medical system is nonsense
  • There’s nothing you can do; she will never improve; prepare to have him institutionalized when he’s older 💔

Luminara Serdar with a poop emoji pillow

A Better Gut for a Better Brain: Diet, Digestion, Elimination

  • What diet changes shift 80% of children within a few days
  • Foods that help and hurt
  • How to get a picky eater to eat more variety
  • Elimination and moods – the intimate connection

Luminara Serdar speaking on speech

Expand Speech, Attention, Focus & Social Interactions

  • Why speech therapy can be a band-aid and going deeper to help speech
  • Helping brain chemicals that helps with focus and attention
  • The way to becoming social, playing with siblings and having friends


From Meltdowns, Moods and Misery to Calm and Cooperative

  • Understanding the why of meltdowns
  • Dismantling anxiety
  • Help all autism behaviors by ‘fertilizing the soil” of the body

If you're committed and ready to see improvements in autism behaviors


you’re done walking on eggshells…

register now for this the Transforming Autism Workshop, and watch the transformation to

  • calm
  • happy
  • expressive
  • comfortable
  • interactive

And eventually the evolution into a happy, independent, social young adult.

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