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"I was told there was there was nothing we could do to help the autism, and we would just have to accept a lifetime of coping: therapy and medication; eventually, put him in an institution. We were left with no hope. But I knew in my gut something could be done."

Autism Transformed, LLC
Jennifer - Parent of a 6-yr-old boy

“My son is doing well.  When I came upon your program earlier this year, he was undergoing a neuropsychological evaluation, as he struggled so much with hyperactivity, inability to focus, mood swings, uncontrollable episodes of anger, and even some depression.  His mood and his behavior are so much better and he is a happier child overall since starting the Autism Recovery Plan.  He is not having the challenges that he had before.  In fact, when he returned to school last April, he did amazingly well for the remainder of the school year, and without needing his prescribed Ritalin at all.”

Parent of a 6-yr-old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC
Stephanie - Parent of a 7-yr-old boy

“From shy, uninvolved, anxious boy to this teacher’s report: “Liam has transitioned well into the classroom. He is always attentive and participates in all of our lessons. I have noticed that he has been making friends and has even initiated social situations with his peers. We have a daily greeting that we do and it is nice seeing Liam start to feel comfortable with his friends.”

Parent of a 7-yr-old boy

Hi, I'm Luminara Serdar.

Scientist, Nutritionist, Autism Transformation Expert

And over the last 10+ years I've helped children and families, just like yours, make steady and consistent improvements in their children's behaviors and symptoms we call Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

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